Donation List

Check here regularly for items we are in need of or would be great to have

Any questions? Contact Coach Bowman

1 Ziplock Bags
2 Plastic storage Containers
3 Road Maps, Topographic maps, Road Atlas
4 Old College Textbooks (Anatomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology,…..)
5 Paper Towels
6 Used lab quality microscopes
7 Non-graphing calculators
8 Printer Paper
9 Balsa Wood
10 Aluminum Foil
11 1/4 inch Dowel Rods
12 Clear Packing Tape
13 EZup Canopy with Custom Fisler Science Olympiad Logo
14 Legos / Kinex's / lincoln logs / any toy building sets
15 Straws
16 Masking Tape
17 Any Miscellaneous craft supplies
18 ......Let us know if you have something laying around you think we could use